About Us

DymajeCare – only one place where you can Protect your device Instantly and Get Spare for Your Gadgets & Appliances. That means when your Gadgets & Appliances damages. You will get Instant Refund for Repairing, DymajeCare cares about your daily work for that we will provide a Spare of Mobile/Laptop with free pick-up and drop-off service and we will take care of your Repair Bill

What is DymajeCare?

S – Spare of Gadgets/Appliances

R – Repair of Gadgets/Appliances

R – Refund on your Repair Bill


Currently we are offering Two plans.

1. For DymajeCare : Valid for 1 Year Pre-Registration

  1. Plan 1: 50%   Refund on your any damage Repair bill
  2. Plan 2: 75%   Refund on your any damage Repair bill
  3. Plan 3: 100% Refund on your any damage Repair bill
  4. Plan 3,4: 100% Refund on Theft( Pickpocket, snatching, stolen) & on your any damage ( physical accidental & Water ) Repair bill

Price  is depends on the Device Purchase cost, for calculation of cost you can visit Appliance & Gadgets registration page Enter the Appliance & Gadgets purchase cost and select any plan out of four you will get the DymajeCare cost.

2. For DymajeCare : Valid for 6 Month Paln

Plan 1: 100% Refund on Any Damage(Physical, Accidental, Liquid) Repair Bill for 6 Month

Plan 2 : 100% Refund on Any Theft & Damage(Physical, Accidental, Liquid) Repair Bill for 6 Month

Note: A offer plan cannot be change to 6 month Plan after purchase, You can change it to 1 year plan within 24 Hours of Purchase.

For Instant Pair and Repair valid for Repair time

Price  is depends on the Device Purchase cost we take a fixed rentals for the Spare Appliance & Gadgets and you have to pay extra Repair Bill which will come after Repairing.


DymajeCare  comes with a host of features that are designed to not only safeguard your Gadgets & Appliances, but also save you from the hassle of getting your Gadgets & Appliances Repaired or Getting any Refund on Theft.

  1. All costs are covered: Based on your DymajeCare plan, Whether it is costs of Repairs, labor, transportation or taxes, we cover all the charges associated with Repairing your Gadgets & Appliances.
  2. Free Pick & Drop or At-Home Repairs: Whether it means picking up your Gadgets & Appliances or sending a technician at your home to Repair your Gadgets & Appliances, we will ensure that you never have to interact with a Service Center ever again.
  3. No Paperwork Required: DymajeCare has a hassle free process to file a Service Request. All you need to do is provide us IMEI/Serial Number or Order number.
  4. Genuine  Parts guarantee: Your Gadgets & Appliance’s will be Repaired by trained personnel and using genuine  parts every single time.

Currently We are Providing two type of Service Request.

  1. Self Repair Service
  2. DymajeCare Repair Service

Self Repair Service : You have to go to the respective brand service center to get estimate for Repair or Replacement and same you have to inform us, After informing you will get 50% of Estimate Amount Instantly to start the Repairing or Replacement, Remaining refund will be given after the final bill submission within 3-4 days based on your protection plan.

DymajeCare Repair Service :  We will arrange free pick-up and drop-off for your device, It will take Minimum of 12 day & Maximum of 20 days to get your device repaired or Replace, All cost are covered by DymajeCare based on your protection plan.


The worst has happened; your Gadgets & Appliances has suffered a breakdown. Do not worry; we are here to help you.

  • Call us on +91-93198-71144, +91-7290031040 or email us on hello@dymaje.com within 24 hr  and tell us about malfunction that has occurred.


  • Go to my account section search for your order from their request for Repair & Refund. Failing this will result in rejection of claim and Suspension of Account.

2) Keep a copy of your purchase invoice bearing the order no ready or upload to Repair Form.

3) Ensure that the order number on your Gadgets & Appliances matches the one that is mentioned on the DymajeCare invoice.

4) We will keep you posted regarding the progress of the Service Request every step of the way.

5) Everything fine we will provide a Pair Gadgets & Appliances and we will take your Gadgets & Appliances for Repairing or we will allow for the self service.

6) Protection from DymajeCare can not  be purchased if the Device is already damaged, else it will consider as a fake and your payment will be block.

Every electronic device suffers a reduction in value because it has been used for a certain period; this reduction in value is due to “depreciation”. The Fair Market Value is determined based on when the device was purchased and the Purchase Price that is mentioned on the retailer invoice. It is important, as it would help us figure out the most optimal solution that can be provided to you.

Age of the device at the time of registering the Service Request

If at the time of raising the Service Request, the costs of repairs are greater than the Fair Market Value of the device, we would rather replace the device rather than repairing it. We will present you with the following options –

1)  We will give you a replacement device reflecting the Fair Market Value of your current Gadgets & Appliances.

2)   We will give you Gift Cards worth the Fair Market Value of your current device Gadgets & Appliances.

3)  If you are attached to your Gadgets & Appliances and want to retain it, you can choose to pay the repair costs that are above its Fair Market Value.

For example, if you have purchased a phone worth Rs. 30,000 and breaks down in the 5th month. Let’s assume that the cost of repairs is Rs. 25,000. Since the Fair Market Value of the phone at this time is Rs. 24,000, it makes more sense to replace the device than repair it. Hence, we will give you a replacement worth Rs. 24,000. If you are attached to your phone and do not wish to opt for a replacement, we will pay Rs. 24,000 and you can choose to pay the difference of Rs. 1,000 towards repairs.

For brands that do not repair the damaged Gadgets & Appliances but replace them, like what Apple does for some models of iPhones and iPads, we will provide the same replacement device to you.