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All DymajeCare Refund Plan Includes Headphone Port, Water Damage, Charging Port,Microphone, Screen Damage , Ear Speaker, Front / Rare Camera, Home Button, Power Button, Lock Sensor, Battery Backup problem & Screen Guard. Theft protection is only available on Plan 3 for more details, please Read more.
Cover for any Repairs required to your Mobile Phone, caused by physical & Accidental damage or liquid/ moisture, logging Freedom from Financial worries related to Mobile Phone repairs bill, Get a Spare Phone until Your’s in Repairing Get Your Phone Repaired, Completely cashless, Once in the Plan duration, Don’t Worry about Cash its totally Completely Cashless, Extra 6 month warranty on Repaired Device, Free Pick-up & Drop-off service, Monthly update on Offers and Plans, 2 Service Request
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