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Rs.0.00 for 1 year

Terms & Condition

All DymajeCare Plan Includes LCD, DVD, Keypad, Webcam Malfunction, Wi-Fi Card Failure, Physical Dymaje, Bluetooth Malfunction, Hard Drive, Liquid Damage, Cracked Screen, Touchpad, Charging Problem, RAM, Processor Malfunction, Mother Bord, Speaker Malfunction for more details please Read More

What is Included 
  • Cover for any Repairs required to your Laptop, caused by physical damage or liquid/ moisture logging
  • Zero Repair Bill for 100% plan
  • Get your laptop repaired, completely cashless, once in the plan duration.
  • Completely Cashless
  • If we cant repair it in time , we’ll replace it.
  • Get Spare laptop until Your’s in Repairing
  • Genuine Spare Parts
  • Repair or Replacement guarantee
 What is not Included 
  • Malfunction due to Regular wear & tear (e.g. hinges)
  • Any modifications , Servicing , not authorized by the manufacturer
  • Software Issues (due to virus etc) , Data Loss
  • Malfunction occurring before purchase of cover

Every electronic device suffers a reduction in value because it has been used for a certain period; this reduction in value is due to “depreciation”. The Fair Market Value is determined based on when the device was purchased and the Purchase Price that is mentioned on the retailer invoice. It is important, as it would help us figure out the most optimal solution that can be provided to you.

 if at the time of raising the Service Request, the costs of repairs are greater than the Fair Market Value of the device, we would rather replace the device rather than repairing it. We will present you with the following options –

1)  We will give you a replacement device reflecting the Fair Market Value of your current Gadgets & Appliances.

2)   We will give you Gift Cards worth the Fair Market Value of your current device Gadgets & Appliances.

3)  If you are attached to your Gadgets & Appliances and want to retain it, you can choose to pay the repair costs that are above its Fair Market Value.

For example, if you have purchased a Gadgets & Appliances worth Rs. 30,000 and breaks down in the 5th month. Let’s assume that the cost of repairs is Rs. 25,000. Since the Fair Market Value of the Gadgets & Appliances at this time is Rs. 24,000, it makes more sense to replace the device than repair it. Hence, we will give you a replacement worth Rs. 24,000. If you are attached to your Gadgets & Appliances and do not wish to opt for a replacement, we will pay Rs. 24,000 and you can choose to pay the difference of Rs. 1,000 towards repairs.