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Rs.0.00 for 1 year

Mobile Screen Insurance Frequently asked question

  • Cover for any Screen Damage Repairs required to your Mobile Phone, caused by physical & Accidental damage or water/ moisture logging.
  • Theft/Burglary, Pick pocket, Snatching based on the Plan selected.
  • Freedom from Financial worries related to Mobile Phone repairs bill.
  • Door Step Repairing Service.
  • Get Your Phone Repaired, Completely cashless, Once in the Plan duration.
  • Don’t Worry about Cash its totally Completely Cashless.
  • Extra 6 month warranty on Repaired Screen.
  • Free Pick-up & Drop-off service.
  • Monthly update on Offers and Plans.
  • 1 Service Request.
  • Malfunction due to Manufacturing Defects or Regular wear & tear
  • Software Issues (due to virus etc) , Data Loss
  • Malfunction occurring before purchase of cover
  • Damage during other assets use
  • Headphone port, Charging port, Microphone, Ear speaker, front/Rare Camera, Home Button, Power Button, Lock Sensor, Battery Backup & Back panel.

DymajeCare will, at its discretion, repair or replace with a new or refurbished device or provide a gift card subject to paragraph “MAXIMUM LIABILITY” below if any of the events listed below occurs. The Covered Product will be repaired or replaced with a new or refurbished device at the discretion of DymajeCare.

We will assess your claim and determine whether You are entitled to a remedy under this  DYMAJECARE PROTECTION PLAN within a reasonable time of receiving the details of your valid request documents. DymajeCare logistics partners will have the Covered Product shipped to an authorized service center and get it repaired using genuine spare parts. Once the Covered Product is repaired, our logistics partners will have the product shipped back to you.For areas, not covered by DymajeCare logistics partners, We may guide you to the nearest service center for repairs.

The cost of 2 way shipping will be borne by Us except in cases where the  DYMAJECARE PROTECTION PLAN is considered void by virtue of section “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” mentioned below. In such cases the cost of shipping will be borne by the Customer and if our logistics partners have incurred the cost of shipping wholly or in part – the Customer shall be liable to repay the amount to DymajeCare.


The worst has happened; your Gadgets & Appliances has suffered a breakdown. Do not worry; we are here to help you.

Call us or email us on, or report within 24 hours and tell us about malfunction that has occurred.


Go to my account section search for your order, from their request for Repair & Refund. Failing this will result in rejection of claim and Suspension of Account.

Currently We are Providing two type of Service Request.

1. Self Repair Service

2. DymajeCare Repair Service

3. Door Step Repair Service

Self Repair Service : You have to go to the respective brand service center to get estimate for Repair or Replacement and same you have to inform us, After informing you will get 50% of Estimate Amount Instantly to start the Repairing or Replacement, Remaining refund will be given after the final bill submission within 2-3 days based on your protection plan.You have to provide a genuine bill of repairing to request for refund any miss use of service agreement will result in cancellation of plan.

DymajeCare Repair Service :  We will arrange free pick-up and drop-off for your device, It will take Minimum of 3 day & Maximum of 6 days based on the component availability to get your device repaired or Replace, All cost are covered by DymajeCare based on your protection plan. Read more