Mobile Theft Insurance

Covers 100% Theft, Pickpocket, Snatching, Stolen, Lost & Robbery

IRDA Approved

Mobile Insurance For Theft

It is Estimated that out of 10 Mobile Phone 3 gets Theft or Stolen insurance, There are 7.26 billion user currently having smart mobile phone and it is estimated that by 2025 it will cross by 18.22 billion.

Only quarter of 7.26 billion user have mobile theft insurance and the theft protection for mobile is increasing day by day because of unwanted loss of mobile people are getting more conscious about mobile insurance. Dymje mobile theft insurance provides one best place to purchase mobile theft insurance online from anywhere.

Is Dymaje Mobile Insurance Cover Theft, Pickpocket, Snatching and Stolen?

The Image a visual description of a man who theft mobile and run

Yes, Our IRDA Approved Mobile Insurance Cover all the above thought worldwide.

What will be the settlement amount we will receive after theft of my mobile?

There is no deduction on settlement amount, Your mobile theft insurance claim amount will be based on your invoice value.

Is dymaje Mobile Phone theft insurance Coverage are limited?

No, It covers all over India with door step service.

Can I Get Mobile Theft Insurance On EMI?

Yes, Dymaje mobile phone insurance gives the option for 50-50 EMI, Pay only half amount of insurance while registering your mobile and rest once you claim, You do not have to pay if you are not calming within the a year.


Estimate Cost : 799 INR

Time Needed : 20 minutes

Easy Step To Do Online Mobile Theft Insurance

  1. Select Your Plan

    It is only three step process, Select a best fitted Plan and upload document on the web page online. Finally you have to pay for the insurance.

  2. Upload Mobile Proof

    Upload your mobile bill and mobile front back picture make sure to have a clear picture to register online phone theft insurance.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Mobile Theft And Damage Insurance

  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G Insurance 100% Refund On Damage.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G Insurance 100% Refund On Theft.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Insurance Theft. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Insurance. 
  4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Insurance.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Insurance 100% Refund On Damage.
  6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G 512GB Insurance.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Fold Insurance.

Mobile Insurance Plan

New Apple iPhone Mobile Theft And Full Damage Insurance

  1. New Apple iPhone 14 Theft Insurance
  2. New Apple iPhone 13 Theft Insurance
  3. New Apple iPhone 11 Theft Insurance
  4. New Apple iPhone 14 Pro Theft Insurance
  5. New Apple iPhone 12 Theft Insurance
  6. New Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Theft Insurance
  7. New Apple iPhone 13 Pro Theft Insurance
  8. New Apple iPhone 14 Plus Theft Insurance
  9. New Apple iPhone 13 Mini Theft Insurance

Phone Insurance Plan

Mobile Theft Insurance for your New iPhone 14 pro max Mobile

If you’ve just got your hands on a new iPhone 14 pro max mobile, you should just go ahead and get a iPhone 14 pro max mobile insurance. After all, the phone is now known for its lovely display and the last thing you want is to break it or theft, spend more money on it! A mobile insurance makes sure you’re covered for any accidental screen damage that may occur to your phone; so that even if it does break or crack apart, or a liquid damage leads to its screen damaging, it’ll be as good as new (You don’t have to pay) in no time.

Mobile Theft Insurance for your Old Phone

At Dymaje Mobile Insurance, we understand everyone would like to protect their phone from damages, no matter how old their phones are. Likewise, you can easily pick a customized plan based on how long you plan to use your phone and ensure it is protected for until then.