Mobile Insurance for iPhone

Get complete Apple iPhone insurance Physical, Accidental, Liquid, Fire & Theft Insurance in a matter of minutes for New & Old Mobile Phone. DymajeCare gives you the best & with less cost Mobile Insurance Plan for 1 Year

Insurance for Apple iPhone Online

Apple iPhone typically starts at Rs 51,000/-, the iPhone 11 is the best mid-tier model Apple has ever made. Its cameras get an excellent new Night Mode and an ultra wide-angle camera adds extra detail in photos. Video is fantastic, too. Suppose your iPhone gets a Screen damage due to some Accident, It may be any type of Accident, Protecting your iPhone with dymajeCare mobile insurance plan will save your repair cost. 

How to purchase iPhoneinsurance

  1. Select your mobile brand and year of purchase
  2. Select a best plan which suits you
  3. Upload the requested document
  4. Generate your order number and login id
  5. Fill the activation form using your order number
  6. Get you mobile insurance document instantly

iPhone insurance is not compulsory; however, getting one for your iPhone will save you from financial losses while repairing related to its theft or damage and it can help you to rescue in tackling hassle.

  • Theft protection: It is very difficult to recover the iPhone if it gets stolen/loss. Financial loss is another setback associated with the iPhone theft. It covers the cost of a new iPhone in case of Theft, Pick-Pocket, Snatching.
  • Accidental breakage protection: Repair of any kind of breakage or damage.considering the fact that it provides 100% coverage against breakage.
  • Water or liquid damage cover: Any accidental damage to the iPhone due to water or other liquid is covered. It also covers damaged due to moisture or humidity.
  • Covers high repair cost: To avoid paying high amount on iPhone repair, it’s better to avail mobile insurance.
  • Protection for loss of phone: In case the mobile phone gets lost, you will not get any compensation under warranty. However, you do get compensation up to the sum insured amount or 100% refund on market value.


  • New or Old Phone Insurance of any brand Up-to 2 years old Mobile.
  • Extra 6 Month Warranty on repaired Device.
  • World wide Coverage, It doesn’t matter which city, or continent your Mobile damage takes place.
  • Replacing or repairing the lost or damaged phone within 24 hours of reporting the incident.
  • Protection against accidental damage.
  • Coverage against liquid damage of the mobile.
  • Doorstep Repair,  pick-up and drop facility of the mobile phone for repairs.
  • Technical malfunctions like problems with ear jacks, charging ports and touch-screens are also covered based on plan. offered
  • DymajeCare offer instant refund of 50% on repair estimate if self repair Option selected.


Below are some of the steps to be followed 1,2,3 steps for claim process:

Step 1
  • Report your mobile damage incident online.
Step 2
  • Fill the mobile insurance claim form, your claim form link would be receiving through sms or email
  • and wait for claim approval.
Step 3
  • Once your Mobile Insurance claim approved, We will follow the process based on your Type of service ( Door Step Repair, Pick-up & Drop, Self Repair).

Certain issues are not covered under mobile insurance. These come under exclusions. Let’s List some:

  • Mysterious loss of the mobile phone that cannot be convincingly explained by the policyholder under insurance cover
  • Any deliberate attempt to damage the phone or malicious intent, leading to a loss or damage to the mobile phone is also not included
  • Any damage to the mobile phone due to change in climatic conditions
  • If the mobile device is overloaded or experimented under abnormal conditions, leading to any damage
  • Any pre-existing malfunctions or defects prior to the commencement of the policy
  • More

iPhone All in one damage & theft Insurance

Valid for 1 Year

Covers any damage and theft, All cost are covered, Zero claim processing fee.

iPhone Only screen damage Insurance

valid for 1 Year

Covers any damage to mobile screen, All cost are covered, Zero claim processing fee

iPhone Models
All in one Insurance
Screen Damage Insurance
iPhone 11 Pro Max
Rs. 5999/-
Rs. 3999/-
iPhone 11 Pro
Rs. 4999/-
Rs. 3499/-
iPhone 11
Rs. 3499/-
Rs. 2999/-
iPhone XS/XS Max
Rs. 3399/-
Rs. 2899/-
iPhone XR
Rs. 2600/-
Rs. 1800/-
iPhone X
Rs. 3499/-
Rs. 2999/-
iPhone SE
Rs. 999/-
Rs. 650/-
iPhone 8 Plus
Rs. 2400/-
Rs. 1850/-
iPhone 8
Rs. 1900/-
Rs. 1400/-
iPhone 7 Plus
Rs. 1900/-
Rs. 1400/-
iPhone 7
Rs. 1700/-
Rs. 1100/-
iPhone 6s Plus
Rs. 2100/-
Rs. 1500/-
iPhone 6s
Rs. 1300/-
Rs. 900/-
iPhone 6
Rs. 1100/-
Rs. 760/-

Frequently asked questions

Yes, DymajeCare provide insurance cover to the mobile phones that are purchased outside India and thereby providing worldwide coverage.

Dymaje insurance company in India working hard that automatically backs up the phone data on cloud servers. Mobile Phone users should take regular data backups of their phones to avoid any such problems in the future.

No, we provide a unique login id and password for your account, you can use it world wide to access your account.

Yes, we provide insurance coverage to the motherboard or other internal circuitry of the mobile phone.

When filing a claim, you should know the make and model of your device available, as well as a method of payment for your deductible on hand along with a valid id proof required to fill in the claim form.

Yes. It depends on your plan selected, we have two service claim in a year.

Yes, You can check the status of your claim by going to website and under claim status, can fill the required details and check the status.

Yes, you can raise one more claim but the available coverage amount for second claim will 50% of total coverage red Faq12.

If the procedure of filing a claim is followed properly, then the claim is settled between 15 to 30 days.

Generally the range starts from Rs.399 per year and goes to 6-7k depending on the mobile price.