Terms Of DymajeCare

You can opt to protect your Mobile/Laptop for up to 3 additional years. The term of the DymajeCare available is based on what the normal life cycle of the Mobile/Laptop is supposed to be. While opting for DymajeCare for your Mobile/Laptop, please keep in mind that the total term of the manufacturers’ warranty does not exceed 3 years.

For e.g.: If your Mobile/Laptop has 1 year manufacturers’ warranty, you can opt DymajeCare for up to 2 additional years. However, If your Mobile/Laptop comes with 2 years manufacturers’ warranty, you can opt DymajeCare for maximum 1 additional years.

Currently we have 2 Product for Damage Protection

Any Mobile brand Insurance, Any Laptop Insurance for DymajeCare Plan. You Can Protect Your Device with  Full Insurance & 1 Year Insurance Plan

We have EMI 50-50 pay option for Mobile or Laptop Insurance payment, You can opt for the same during checkout. Pay 50% of your protection plan cost during registration & remaining during claim, If you are not claiming within a year your Device protection cost will be only half. ( updated on 26/06/2020)

Note- Make sure to clear any pending amount after raising a claim within 48 hours to process the claim.

Unlimited Claim up-to Invoice Value(Applicable from 10/06/2020) Plan 1, Plan 2.
If you are not claiming within your plan duration. You will get 40% Refund on Paid amount. Applicable from(10/06/2020).


DymajeCare prides itself  in providing fantastic service and by action that you believe in what we are saying. We guarantee that your Mobile/Laptop will be either Replace or replacing of damaged parts and returned to you within the promised time period.

If we are unable to replace damaged component of the Mobile/Laptop within promised timelines, we will provide you a new or refurbished replacement Mobile/Laptop with equal or equivalent features. In some cases, we may choose to offer Gift Cards reflecting the most recent price of your Mobile/Laptop or we will gift you the same.

Working Days includes weekdays between Monday & Saturday. It excludes Sunday and all national and state holidays.

We are constantly working to expand this list. Till such time, we do not provide timeline guarantees for brands that fall outside of the list above.


1) Buy DymajeCare  along with your Mobile/Laptop and ensure that you are buying the right plan based on the price of your Mobile/Laptop.

2) At the time of purchasing the plan, ensure that the invoice issued to you by your retailer has the IMEI/Serial Number that matches the one of the Mobile/Laptop.

3) Get your DymajeCare invoice within 7 days of purchasing it, the steps required to get your invoice of Protection are given below. Requests for Mobile/Laptops activated post 7 days from purchase are liable to be rejected.

4) Provide all the information requested by us in a timely and truthful manner.

5) We request you to submit the Mobile/Laptop and invoice to us promptly and respond to any queries raised in a timely manner. Delays on this front by you will cause the Service Assurance to extend by the proportionate number of days.

6) If the IMEI/Serial Number has changed on account of replacing damaged parts or exchange by your retailer or the service center, please provide us with a Swap Letter that will allow us to authenticate that you are still using the same Mobile/Laptop .


Currently We are Providing Three type of Service Request for any Plans.

Self Component Change Service 
DymajeCare Service
Door Step Component Change

Self  Component Change Service : You have to go to the respective brand service center to get estimate for Replacing damaged parts or Full Replacement and same you have to inform us, After informing you will get 50% of Estimate Amount Instantly to start the Replacement, Remaining refund will be given after the final bill submission within 2-3 days based on your protection plan.

You have to provide a genuine bill of replacement to request for refund any misuse of service agreement will result in cancellation of plan.

DymajeCare Service :  We will arrange free pick-up and drop-off for your device, It will take Minimum of 3 day & Maximum of 6 days based on the component availability to get your damage replacement or Replacing full Mobile/Laptop , All cost are covered by DymajeCare based on your protection plan.

Door Step Component Change Service : Our service Partner will visit to you location and They will do the Service in front of you. Read more on service center page.


The worst has happened; your Mobile/Laptop has suffered a breakdown. Do not worry; we are here to help you. 

A processing order, Re-verification order or pending payment order can not be claimed.

To make a claim request your order status should be in ” Eligible for claim, Pending Next payment, Completed ” Check your order status from your my account section.

 Fill the claim form Directly available on your My Account section. Call to customer care or email us on hello@dymaje.com within 24 hours and tell us about malfunction that has occurred.


Go to my account section search for your order, from their click to Request claim Check your email or sms for claim link fill the claim form. Failing this will result in rejection of claim and Suspension of Account.

For New Mobile

You can opt for the service multiple times on Active & completed order by any reason, if you have requested for the service in any case, Your request will be counted and you cannot opt for the service again until damage component change done and followed Faq 12.

Suppose Your Invoice Cost of Your Mobile is Rs. 40000/- . Suppose, Your Mobile gets damage and the service cost is RS. 15000/-. How much i can claim for the next time?. Read the below example.

Invoice cost – First Claim Service Cost = Remaining For Second Claim (40000-15000 = 25000 Remaining for Second Claim). You can claim up to 25000 on next service until it becomes zero.

For Old Mobile/Laptop

1.) You can opt for the service twice on Active Plan( twice request is only available for the regular plan (Old device) and which is purchased after 14/11/2018, Before this date you can opt for the service only once) by any reason if you have requested for the service in any case, Your request will be counted and you cannot opt for the service again until service has done Read Faq 12 and your subscription will end after 2nd claim.

a) if you are opting for the service first time during activation period, You will save your 100% of your service bill cost.

b) if you are opting for the service second time during the activation period, you will save 50% of your service bill cost.

c) second claim can be done after first Service bill upload . You can submit your first bill from your my account section within 24 hours of service. Read Faq 12.

suppose, you have subscribed 100% refund on your any damage service bill, And you have requested for the service 1st time and your first service bill is of 10,000, you will save 100% on your bill that is 10,000. For the second time if your service bill is coming 8000, you will save 50% of your service bill that is 4000.

2) Keep a copy of your purchase invoice bearing the order no ready or upload to service Form.

3) Ensure that the order number on your Mobile/Laptop matches the one that is mentioned on the DymajeCare invoice.

4) We will keep you posted regarding the progress of the Service Request every step of the way.

5) Everything fine we will provide a Pair Mobile/Laptop and we will take your Mobile/Laptop for servicing or we will allow for the self service.

6) Protection from DymajeCare can not  be purchased if the Device is already damaged, else it will consider as a fake and your payment will be blocked and Account will be suspended.

Your Responsibility of Pair Mobile/Laptop

You have to take care of pair Mobile/Laptop we have provided to you
If any malfunction comes on Spare Mobile/Laptop, please inform to us by calling.
In case of lost, theft & accident we charge full cost of Spare Mobile/Laptop.


1) We will gladly service as long as the plan is active and has not expired. Also, the malfunction needs to have occurred during the term of DymajeCare and not prior to it.

2) Malfunctioning accessories or consumable items are not covered here. A full list of these items is available on Protection Product page.

3) The Mobile/Laptop which are on the Festival offers protection needs to have minimum 6 months’ manufacturer’s warranty that is applicable in India. Please ensure that you do not modify the Mobile/Laptop, perform unauthorized service or use it commercially. All these actions void the manufacturer’s warranty and subsequently Dymajecare plan as well.

4) We will be able to cover those Mobile/Laptop that are bought outside India. However, if the Mobile/Laptop that you have bought in India breaks down while travelling abroad, we will cover it.

5) Malfunction should not be on account of normal wear and tear.

6) Ensure your Mobile/Laptop invoice is electronically generated (printed) and has a complete break up of taxes. In case of manual invoices or fraudulent invoices or making any false claim, rejection of plan and requests will be at the discretion of DymajeCare.

7) DymajeCare covers every issue in the Mobile/Laptop that occurs organically or in simple terms “on its own” and without any external factor.

8) International Coverage – If the Mobile/Laptop breaks down abroad, we will still cover it. You can get it serviced from the service center abroad; we will reimburse the invoice costs. Alternatively, you can get it back to India, we will provide our usual Pick – Service – Deliver back to you service.

9) EMI pay- you can purchase a plan using EMI pay option ” you should pay full EMI before making any claim” Failure to pay EMI will result in termination of Policy without pay.


DymajeCare Can be cancelled within 15 days of completed order and within 24 hour of a processing or a partial Paid order. A claim requested order can not be cancelled. Upon cancellation of the DymajeCare order a 20% of purchased plan amount or cost will be deducted from the amount paid towards the DymajeCare and the entire amount well be refunded.
No cancellations can be made by the Customer after 15 days from the Date of Purchase of DymajeCare, If you make any cancellation after 15 days you will not get any refund. Refund amount will take 40 to 50 days to credit. If a customer wants to cancel a processing or a partial paid order they should complete the order by providing any requested document or any pending verification within 24 hour from the request cancel time. No request would be done after 24 hour.

If the Customer makes a request, knowing it to be false and/or fraudulent or in under Re-verification stage as regards the value or the amount of work or otherwise, this Service Agreement is deemed to be cancelled from inspection without return of money paid and the customer must return all request payments received till such cancellation, including any shipping charges or other ancillary charges incurred by the Company.

What all documents I am required to provide while filling claim?

You are required to provide the following documents:

1. Duly filed claim Form
2. Any Govt. ID proof (Self attested)
3. Pictures of Damage device
4. Device purchase Invoice
5. In case of Theft/Burglary, Pick-Pocket, Snatching, Robbery, Snatching FIR copy is required
6. your EMI amount should be fully paid.


FAQS about Mobile Insurance

1) What is the term of the service?

DymajeCare  is applicable for up to 3 additional years with the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the sum of manufacturer’s warranty and  should not exceed 5 years.

2) Can I extend the warranty on my phone for 2 more years?

DymajeCare  is available for 1 additional year on Mobile Phones and Tablets. You can renew it every year.

3) How many times will the Mobile/Laptop can be service?

There is only twice (not applicable for the purchase before 14/11/2018 they can opt for the service only once) service requests you can raise against DymajeCare protection plan . However if for any Service Request, the cost of service is greater than the current/last available market value of the Mobile/Laptop, the Mobile/Laptop will be replaced. Replacement is provided in the form of new or refurbished Mobile/Laptop or Gift Cards

4) I changed my mind and I want to cancel the plan, can I get a refund?

While we will be sorry to see you cancel the plan, we can certainly refund the plan within 15 days of purchase of plan, provided you have not already filed a Service Request. Any offers plan or any 6 month plan can not be cancel after purchase, by any chance you are making a cancellation request for any offer or 6 month plan you will not get any refund. 

5) What if the Mobile/Laptop cannot be service?

For brands that do not replace damaged parts or if the Mobile/Laptop cannot be replace due to unavailability of spare parts, DymajeCare will provide you with an equivalent replacement Mobile/Laptop which may or may not be a new piece.

6) What if I do not want to avail of the Pair, Pick & Drop services, can I get the Mobile/Laptop service on my own?

Yes, you can get the Mobile/Laptop service on your own. Please keep in mind that DymajeCare needs to be informed about the damage BEFORE submitting the Mobile/Laptop to the nearest Authorized Service Center.

8) How will I know if the Mobile/Laptop will be picked up or if you will send a technician at home for service?

This is generally decided based on the category of your Mobile/Laptop. For Large Appliances and Televisions, we will co-ordinate with Service Centres and send a technician home based on your convenience. Wherever it is not possible to send the technician home for service, we will pick them up and send it to the Service Centre for service. If the technician that comes home for service is unable to service the Mobile/Laptop on-site, we will have it transported to the nearest Service Centre free of cost.

9) What are other examples of specific issues arising out of normal wear and tear that are not covered under DymajeCare ?

Some examples of problems occurring due to wear and tear include the following. However, please note this is not a comprehensive list:

      Parts that may have rusted
      Issues in the cavity of a Microwave
      Empty cartridges in a Printer
      Damages to hinges of a laptop
      Breakage of the blades of a Mixer or Juicer
      Burnt filaments

10.What about Spare Device?

Hand Over the Spare Mobile/Laptop get your servised Mobile/Laptop, Failing to do you have to pay full cost of Pair Mobile/Laptop

11. Is the Policy editable?

Yes, Please inform us within 24 hr of purchase after the policy generation it is not reversible, Means you cant change any thing after the completion of your order.

12. When my plan will be eligible for second claim or my plan will reactive for second claim.

Once any Claim/Service Request get rejected by any policy mismatch or which are not coming under Terms and Condition have to do the below.

You Should submit the below in any case within 24 hours after the service.

a. You have to submit a video of showing IMEI/ Serial number of Gadgets/Appliance from re-upload option of your My Account section.

b. You have to make and submit a video of showing your mobile calendar with the current date from re-upload option of your My Account section.

c. You have to Submit Service bill/invoice from authorized service center that your device is service by your self from re-upload option of your My Account section.

Note:- Bill and IMEI/ Serial number should not be predated it should be after the day of Claim/Service Request.

13. How to track my plan.

a. Processing – Your Plan is under verification or you have not submitted your activation form within 7 days of purchase.

b. Complete – Your plan is active and you are eligible for the service.

c. Refund Requested – you have requested for the service and it is under processing.

d. On Hold – some documents are miss matched or you have not made any payment toward the plan.

e. Pending next payment – You have paid half for a order and remaining half is pending to pay during claim.


1) Non-fulfillment of any conditions set out in this Dymaje website or on this document and terms and condition may cause the rejection of your request; hence we solicit your co-operation to ensure we are able to provide you a perfect service experience.

2) This service agreement is complete and agreement between DymajeCare and Customer. The retailer is only authorized dealer of our products and shall not be responsible for any of your grievance with regards to the services to be performed by DymajeCare under this Terms of Service. Any statements or representations made by resellers, ASPs or others that are inconsistent with this Agreement shall not be binding upon DymajeCare.

3) We shall not be liable for delay or failure in furnishing services including suspension of Service Assurance in the event of strike, government action, act of God, disruption in global supply chains or any other cause beyond our control.

4) DymajeCare will not be liable for indirect damage caused due to improper functioning of the product, including but not limited to lost profits or savings, business interruption, loss of data, lost revenue, loss of use, inconvenience, mental or physical stress or any other commercial or economic loss of any kind, or special, incidental, or consequential damages.

5) The Mobile/Laptop for which DymajeCare has been purchased should not have any other Care Pack/Insurance or Insurance linked plan//Maintenance Contract, apart from the manufacturer’s warranty.

6) Marketing brochures are meant purely for educating customers and do not have any commercial value.

7) Any disputes arising in connection with this service shall be governed by the laws of India. The courts of Pune shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising here under.

8) Full set of terms and conditions are available on https://load.bz/sNpO

9) All rights reserved with DymajeCare.

10) Select your Device for Protection


If you are not satisfied with the services provided by DymajeCare, you can contact us on our website  by filling a contact form.