New or Old Samsung Mobile Damage and Theft Insurance Online

Find Online Cost of Samsung Mobile Insurance.


  • New & Used phones – Now mobile insurance for brand new Samsung phones as well as old/used ones 0 to 24 months.
  • Accidental Screen damage covered – Screen damages are the most common of all heartbreaks! All screen damages due to accidental, Physical or liquid damage are covered!
  • Theft & Pick pocket Covered -Theft & Snatching is common while travelling on rush hours, It will be safe with Our Samsung mobile insurance policy.
  • Low prices with EMI option – Buy this mobile insurance cover at almost the cost of a Screen Guard! also pay later.
  • Worldwide cover – Travel around the world anytime. Our mobile insurance policy is valid everywhere.
  • Any User cover – Whether you use the phone or your family or friend does, this mobile insurance policy will be valid for all. It is linked to the IMEI of the phone.
  • Full Amount Reimburse – At the time of buying, we will show you plan amount,. Post claim approval, you can get your damage replacement costs reimbursed up to your respective plans.

Looking For New Samsung Mobile Theft and Damage Insurance

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Insurance for all New Samsung Mobile

Buy Samsung Mobile Insurance with Full Protection against Theft, Pick Pocket, snatching also water damage, accidental damage. Buy Samsung insurance With pay half option rest amount on claim. Zero processing fee at the time of claim.

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Know more about Mobile Insurance for Samsung


Why should you buy a mobile insurance for your Samsung Mobile?

For years, Samsung and its New Fold Mobile has been one of the most popular Android phones in India. Offering a variety of mobile phones to suit all pockets. They’ve also entered the Costly and super class segment, with some of their mobiles costing up to Rs 1,20,000! like Folding 0r s21 ultra Phone. While the average cost of a Samsung primarily depends on its model and range, the cost of repairing an accidental screen damage is generally about 35% of the cost of the phone, and that’s a lot! Having a mobile insurance for your Samsung prevents you from such heavy damage expenses as it covers you for any accidental or liquid screen damages that can occur to your Samsung mobile any time any where.

Mobile Theft Insurance for your New Samsung Mobile

If you’ve just got your hands on a new Samsung mobile, you should just go ahead and get a Samsung mobile insurance. After all, the phone is now known for its lovely display and the last thing you want is to break it or theft, spend more money on it! A mobile insurance makes sure you’re covered for any accidental screen damage that may occur to your phone; so that even if it does break or crack apart, or a liquid damage leads to its screen damaging, it’ll be as good as new (You don't have to pay) in no time.

Mobile Theft Insurance for your Old Samsung Mobile

At Dymaje Mobile Insurance, we understand everyone would like to protect their phone from damages, no matter how old their phones are. Likewise, you can easily pick a customized plan based on how long you plan to use your phone and ensure it is protected for until then.

Benefits of a Samsung Mobile Insurance

· It will protect your Samsung in case of accidental or liquid damage that leads to screen damage, without costing anything exuberant. · Covers for accidental screen damage in any part of the world, so it doesn’t matter where the damage has happened. · Makes sure your Samsung display lasts longer.

What will be covered in my Dymaje Mobile Insurance Samsung Insurance?

Dymaje Mobile Insurance’s Mobile Insurance for your Samsung will cover the most common and most prone to damage part, your display screen! Based on that, Dymaje Mobile Insurance offers its Samsung insurers with the following: · Covers all liquid and accidental damages that affect your phone screen. · Worldwide coverage i.e. the damage can happen anywhere in the world. · IMEI linked cover i.e. we cover the phone irrespective of who is using it.

What can not be covered in my Dymaje Mobile Insurance Samsung Insurance?

· Liquid Damage, or any other accidental damage unless it leads damage of the phone screen is not covered. · Me Mechanical or Electronic Breakdown is not covered. · Damage to any Samsung accessories is not covered. · Phones with screenguards can't be covered.

Tips to protect your Samsung Mobile Phone

Firstly, get a Insurance if you haven’t got one already. It not only gives your phone a firm cover on the back, but also prevents it from falling and slipping off your hand. · Our phones go through so much every day! Use a cotton cloth once in a while to clean it. Especially its screen, headphone jack and, speakers since they’re prone to damage due to dust. · More often than not, we can’t control our circumstances and that’s why we have an insurance that will at least cover us during those situations. Likewise, if you have a mobile insurance for your Samsung, you will be covered for all accidental damages to your screen. So, in case of any damage, it’ll always be back to normal in no time.